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It is more that just a token or and investment plan. It is genius the way it is set up to make money for everyone for the long term. Large institutions have been using bots and computer trading forever to get an edge on the markets and now you can too. The bot makes money when markets go up and when they go down buy buying and selling through out the day making small gains. BitConnect takes 20% for the service and splits all the rest out to the loan payments. They also pay out referrals and make some on their exchange fee when going in and out of BitCoin. The system doesn’t involve humans so it it efficient and churns away daily making money.
BitConnect is a new kid on the block being around less than 2 years but in the cyptocurrency world sometimes 1 week equals months in the speed and growth compared to the normal business world.

Step by Step Process of how to Invest and make a loan:

Step One - You need to open your free BitConnect account, Go here to my link if you have not already - https://bitconnect.co/?ref=akacoms1

Deposit some Bitcoin - At least $100 but can be as much as you wanted.
Step Two -

On the BCC Exchange Page You will see Buy BCC - Here enter the amount you want to buy and this will change your Bitcoin into the BCC tokens to be able to make your loans.
Step Three-

On the Dashboard click Lend BitConnect - This will start the process on makinga a new loan.
Step Four-
This is where you pick your loan amount - From $100 - $100,000. This will tell you how many BCC tokens you need depending on the market price ($56.56 per token) when I did this screen shot. There is 4 levels of loans as you can see in the photo:
-$100 - $1000- You get paid the % amount the bot makes for the day and your loan money is returned to you in 299 days
-$1010 - $5000 - You get paid the Daily % plus a guaranteed bonus of 0.1% and your loan money is returned to you in 239 days
-$5010 - $10000 - You get paid the Daily % plus a guaranteed bonus of 0.2% and your loan money is returned to you in 179 days
-$10010 - $100000 - You get paid the Daily % plus a guaranteed bonus of 0.25% and your loan money is returned to you in only $120 days
This Screen will open and you will pick the amount of loan you want to make - Minimum $100 - Max $100,000
Step Five-

Congrats - You just made a new loan!
Step Six:
Once your loan is made you will be paid every 24 hours whatever the daily interest rate payment was for that day + any guaranteed % if you made larger loans. Below is the interest rate paid out the last 5 days plus you can see the pending payment for tomorrow. This amount has been so awesome!
Here is the interest % paid over the last 5 days.
Step Seven:
This screen shows the interest paid out over the last 30 days and I made a sample loan. The sample loan was for $1010.00 and if you made this loan 30 days ago you would have been paid out $330.27 in profit over the 30 days so payments of average $10.00 every single day on just this one loan.
This screen shows the 30 day average interest paid out.
I hope I made this clear enough to follow along - I will be making more and other videos too. If you had a specific question or get stuck any where in the process reach out to me and I will help. I fully believe in BitConnect and think it will really change many many peoples lives for the better.
Get involved today - I can not give a stronger recommendation. 
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